The Romance of Chocolate

The Romance of Chocolate

With the new year comes a flurry of excitement, and maybe some dread at how quickly the world turns once the holidays are over. But they’re not over just yet! Now we know Valentine’s Day is only one day dedicated to showing how much you love the people you’ve surrounded yourself with, but at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe, we like to show how much we care about loved ones as much as possible, and especially on Valentine’s Day! Here’s our top two reasons why chocolate is not only romantic, but an appreciative gesture all around:

#1: Chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac.

valentines day chocolate giftsWe know, we know, chocolate isn’t strictly a gift between lovers, but we’ve all heard in some way or another that chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac. Help set the scene with our made-to-order, freshly dipped chocolate-covered strawberries and maybe a nice glass of champagne beside a candlelit table for two. Maybe there’s a vase of long-stemmed (chocolate) roses to tie it all together, but you’re probably wondering about the science behind how chocolate works as an aphrodisiac. According to Cosmopolitan and WebMD articles, chocolate contains phenyl ethylamine (PEA), a naturally occurring stimulant that elicits excitement and a sense of well-being. PEA, according to Wikipedia, is essentially the cause of “happy hormones” such as dopamine and serotonin, two neurotransmitters that are responsible for your happiness, and being happy is what chocolate and strawberries and a little bubbly was made for!

#2: Nothing says “I love you” more than something sweet!

heart box candies and chocolates valentine's day

Depending on your relationship, a heart-shaped box of our gourmet chocolates can be just the thing to show your appreciation. But with so many ways to enjoy chocolate, including hot cocoa bombs to ward off the winter weather or chocolate-covered marshmallows amongst friends, Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe is here to help you find the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’d like to shop our Valentine’s Day offerings online or know exactly what you want when you come in-shoppe, we do recommend pre-ordering your V-Day gifts. This will help ensure you get exactly what you want and, in the case of our decadently dipped strawberries, preordering sooner rather than later guarantees your receipt of our limited quantity strawberries. If you have dietary needs such as gluten or dairy allergies, no worries! Many of our selections are gluten free and our dark chocolate is naturally dairy free, so just be sure to ask or let us know what your needs are! At Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe, we offer the best of customer care so you can enjoy every moment life has to offer without the stress some of these occasions may bring. You can place your order online, over the phone, or by stopping into the shoppe, and from all of us here at Suzi’s, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  • Susan Hordych