The Holidays Will Be Here Soon- Let Us Do the Work

The Holidays Will Be Here Soon- Let Us Do the Work

With Halloween just around the corner, it will be Thanksgiving before you know it! Meaning that the winter holidays are fast approaching! And because the season of giving is soon upon us, it might be time to start planning your corporate gift giving. Corporate gifts are a great way to let your employees know you appreciate their hard work, and your clients know that you appreciate their business. Plus everyone loves a little something sweet, so here are our top three gifting ideas for all of your business needs.

For long time clients send a treasure box. These boxes come in several varieties, the Royale, the Excelsior, the Elegante, the Sweet N Simple, and the Sumptuous. Each features different homemade chocolates that are sure to tickle your clients fancy and remind them of exactly why they bring their business to you! The Royale is four stories of almond bark, decedent truffles, sweet and salty chocolate cover pretzels, chocolate covered Oreos, chocolate covered crackers, chocolate covered graham crackers and Non Perils. It is exactly what your clients want this holiday season, and ensures there will be plenty to share around the office. The Excelsior is the ultimate luxury, featuring seven towers totaling NINE pounds of chocolate, it has everything the Royale does, and then some. This is sure to make your clients remember you, and your gift will certainly stand out. Each of these treasure boxes are sure to make your clients jump for joy, and ensure that they return to do business with you, because each one is filled with chocolates that anyone would crave.

For newer clients send a custom logo assortment box or the CEO. Both feature a chocolate logo card and assorted chocolates, however the CEO is larger and recommended for a larger office, whereas the custom logo assortment box is great for a smaller office. Both of these utilize your logo, which is great for reminding newer clients that you may not have worked with as much of who you are, and the chocolate is a great way to remind them of why they choose to do business with you. Plus, the gift is unique and memorable, ensuring that you will stick in your clients’ minds as a great business connection.

For your employees bring to the office the Executive or one of our other treasure boxes. The executive is a large assortment of chocolates and candies with your logo front and center. It is great to leave in the kitchen or bring to a big meeting. However, if you are really looking to spoil your employees, bring them the Elegante, its four pounds off chocolate, including hand dipped chocolates, almond bark, and cherry cordials. However, these aren’t your only options for your employees, there’s also the Sweet N Simple or the Sumptuous. Both are great options for employees and feature our hand-dipped chocolate covered pretzels! These treats are sure to show your employees just how much you care!

The holidays really are just around the corner, and we at Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe know how important this season is for business, and for giving back to your employees, which is why we put a lot of love into every corporate gift. You can order any of these gifting options online or call the store at 732-796-0115, we’ll be waiting to help you with your holiday gifting needs!

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  • Susan Hordych