Valentine’s Day Dilemmas Solved!

Valentine’s Day Dilemmas Solved!

Jan 31st 2020

If you’re facing a dilemma on what to get your Valentine this year, you are not alone! According to statistics, approximately 36 million boxes of chocolate are sold for Valentine’s Day and over 1 billion (yes, with a B) Valentine’s Day cards are sent. These are staggering numbers that indicate we are a nation of lovers, not fighters! So, the question is, what do you get for your loved one on St. Valentine’s Day and how do you make it special, so it stands out from the millions of boxes of chocolate purchased each year? Look no further, we have some great options that go outside the ordinary and will melt your Valentine’s heart this year!

A Box of Chocolates Doesn’t Have to Be Mass Produced!

Buying a box of mass produced chocolate candies can be quick and easy, but doesn’t your Valentine deserve something better than the first box you grab at the pharmacy or grocery store? Why not try something different this year and make a custom heart box with your love’s favorite chocolates. There’s no better way to say “I Love You” than to show your significant other that you know what they like and will go to the ends of the earth (or just Middletown, NJ) to get it. Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe has many sizes and styles of heart boxes to choose from and can fill them with whatever your Valentine loves. Whether it’s chocolate covered pretzelsassorted chocolatesfudgetruffles, or all the above, Suzi’s can help you plan a personalized gift that will make this Valentine’s Day uniquely special.

Lots of Extras to Show the Love

Not only are there unique and custom options for Valentine’s Day gifts, there are also some really cute ways to incorporate the more traditional, yet fun, candies too. Conversation hearts are always a favorite, but instead of adding a random bunch to your gift, or a manufactured box of the sweet treats, go through the bag and pick out the ones that have meaning or suggest something to your Valentine. They will know how you really feel once they start reading them! Another great gift is a Truffle Box, which is a heart shaped box made of chocolate, filled with truffles, makes a great alternative to a traditional paper box of chocolates. And don’t forget, Suzi’s takes nonpareils to a totally new level with red, pink and white sprinkles for Valentine’s Day.

With literally unlimited options for special custom gifts, there’s no need to go anywhere but Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe for all your Valentine’s Day gifts. Stop by the shoppe, or click here to view some options on our website. If you’re stuck and you still need help contact us today at 732-796-0115!